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A Creative Tool For Developing Business Stories

Lou Hoffman invited me to write a guest blog for “Ishmael’s Corner.” The blog is a writing exercise to help people in business with idea generation using a story development technique. Check out the exercise and the blog at

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  1. Suellen says:

    Where to begin? I think that the best way to improve your witirng is to quit trying. By that I mean to either let the work take place or not, without worrying about it or any attendant consequences. If you are a writer you will always write, and eventually you will write well. If not, you will not write; you can’t make yourself put forth the effort. I write every day. It is just like eating to me. I don’t get stuck or lack for something to write about and I don’t suffer any pain from the work. I sometimes wonder at those who go at witirng as though they were building a stone wall with bare hands on a rainy day. If it hurts there is something wrong. That crap about suffering writers is wrong; their readers are the ones who suffer. Just write, and if you don’t want to, do something else or nothing at all. History is a pretty good predictor of what you will be doing tomorrow. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you must become a writer. Nobody becomes a writer. Writing is like eye color or height, something you can enhance a bit, but that’s all. And most of all, don’t strain. I can neither sing nor dance, but I have the brains to know this, and that I shouldn’t attempt either before an audience. By the way, if I’m any judge you’re doing all right.

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