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2 Responses to "New Audio Interview on Writing and the 7 Stages"

  1. samet says:

    Hey, girl,I have no magic formula, but I do have three tips which have reuecdd my fear:1. Taking a tip from _The Artist’s Way_ (which I still haven’t been able to get all the way through, or even close), I handwrite 3 pages first thing every morning. I have been doing this on and off for years. Gradually I began to realize that when it was on my life began to flow better. I know you are not a morning creature, so this may not work for you. But I recommend giving it a try, say, during Lent. (Those 40 days do come in handy for all sorts of habit-making and -breaking!)2. From Anne Lamott’s _Bird by Bird_: Embrace the concept of the Shitty First Draft. Get it down on paper even if it’s the worst thing you’ve ever written in your life; even if you’d rather your house burn to the ground than anyone read it. Then edit it. I find it extremely comforting to actually create a Word document entitled Shitty First Draft so I can give myself permission to write really, really dumb sentences. Just get it out, somehow. And hey, what a motive for self-preservation: you couldn’t possibly leave those pages that way you have to live until you can fix them! Cuts any suicidal despair right out of the picture. (Excuse my dark humor, but writing can bring out the worst angst sometimes .)3. Accept that procrastination is part of your process. Oooooh, this is hard. I am still working on it. But beating myself up for not having something done before the last minute, for not being like several people we both know who are organized and on top of things a week before a deadline, NEVER does me any good. I am at my best when I calm down and say to myself, I can do this. I have done this before. I will do it again. THIS IS THE WAY I DO THINGS, and the results are always satisfactory even good. In short, accept that you are good enough, because you are.And as for you, my dear, remember this: your courage and tenacity in persisting in writing and publishing material, despite the emotional difficulties you’ve just described, are a huge inspiration to me. Grabbing victory again and again from the jaws of defeat can’t be fun, but you keep doing it! My hat is off to you.P.S. Some of this was learned partly through expensive therapy. Here’s hoping these comments are cheaper .

    1. Aline says:

      I hate writers block! I have trluboe with it a lot but not lately, thank goodness! These are great tips. I find going for a walk and changing my surrounding helps a lot. Thanks for the tip on the websites. I am going to head over there and bookmark them for later.

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