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Creating Ideas for the Middle Act

Creating Ideas for the Middle Act

How do you fill in the middle? Starting your story with a great hook, the climax, and the ending are often parts of the story writers have in mind when they begin their story. When it comes to the middle, it is often a big hole in the story that stops writers from continuing. Where do writers find ideas to create the events that take the protagonist from the challenge to the climax? One of the ways … Read entire article »

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Screenwriting 101

Maybe even tougher than selling poetry is selling a screenplay. While there is nonstop television programming and movies available, how many of those are reruns? The cost of creating a movie or a new television show is high and only limited financing is available. Getting distribution can be as daunting as getting financing. But, wait! That being said, with today’s technology and new media, it is easier than ever to create your own video and get it seen by an audience on the internet. This is what I tell my screenwriting students, “Get together with your friends and do it yourself.” However, you’ll want to start with a good screenplay. This was an article written as a guest blog for Morgen Bailey and the rest of the article is posted at   … Read entire article »

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Writers Lost in Need of Finding

Yesterday I spent time with a friend, who is a writer, helping him rewrite an article. The problem was that a national magazine had asked him for an article about an ordeal he had faced with his health. When the magazine editor got the article from him, they reassigned it to another writer to rewrite according to the magazine’s “style.” My friend hated the rewritten article. It no longer had his voice, although written in first person, and because the person the magazine assigned didn’t know my friend or talk to him for more details, the new writer had made up dialogue and events to serve the story’s theme rather than using the facts. My friend felt he had two choices. Rewrite the article or pull it and refuse to allow the magazine to publish it. He had already analyzed what … Read entire article »

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Reaching the Christian Market

This post has been moved to … Read entire article »

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The Writer’s Compass Video Presentation

September 15, 2011, my 45-minute lecture at the Pepperdine Payson Library was videotaped and can be accessed for free here. … Read entire article »

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