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  1. Jennifer says:

    Excellent and thought-provoking post as alwyas particularly this part: I’m going to tell the inner child that wants everybody to like her to get over it I’m still learning this when it comes to doing writing/editing favours for people. I hate saying no, and don’t want to be a bad friend so I say yes and, like you, I owe my allegiance elsewhere and I bloody well know it. Yet, I find myself writing and editing resumes and cover letters for people, and website content, and even letters of complaint to landlords and business owners for nothing more than a pat on the head. And then these people disappear afterward until the next favour is needed.My Muse is not a ten-foot tall buff angel boy (though he sounds delightful!) mine is more like Danny DeVito if he was a grotesque, with scales and a ridiculously foul-mouth. He’s no eye-candy, but he’s got some pretty good ideas and I’d be better off working for his hard-won approval than for gratitude from someone else.

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