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Writing Essentials Guest Blog

Morgen Bailey, a writer who supports writers with interviews and guest blogs on her sites, has written a guest blog for me at called “Writing Essentials.” Morgen lives in the UK and is a prolific writer. One of the things she excels at is creating a writing presence on the web. She has turned her success into a new business helping others to create their own blog sites.

Her article can be found at

Morgen Bailey


By the way, she has an interview with me posted at

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4 Responses to "Writing Essentials Guest Blog"

  1. Thank you, Nancy. It was a pleasure to be able to give your blog something after all your contributions on mine. :)

    1. Nicole says:

      True, yes you can spend a lot of time just rearranging the piclens. And yes, you ought to write anything just write to get things going. But I find that whenever I’m wanting to write, there’s no use in forcing it. You need space, not just physical space although that can often help but you need mind space. I need to have my mind uncluttered of life’s trivia, so ideas can find their way in and not get snarled up. I can write to order if needs be, if there’s a deadline, but something worthwhile needs a combination of mental intensity and expansiveness at the same time.

      1. Absolutely, Nicole. I often write when I’m walking my dog (usually the pieces for my slot) but sometimes I walk for an hour just thinking with a blank brain. Strangely rain and wind doesn’t help (I usually use paper but have a dictaphone) and whilst I’m far from a moody person, I have to be in the right one to write (and usually with classical music only or silence).

        Thank you for commenting.

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