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For those of you asking where they can take a class from me, here are a few of the classes and workshops I have scheduled. Writer’s Digest University Online – “Creative Writing 101” August 22 thru November 14. This is a 12-week course. Screenwriter’s University (part of Writer’s Digest) – “Conventions of the Screenplay: Formatting, Dialogue, Imagery and Genre” August 29 – September 19. This is an 8-week course. Writer’s Digest West 2013 Conference – “The Writer’s Compass: Using Story Maps to Build Better Fiction” September 29, 9:00-9:50 am. Conejo Valley Writer’s Group – October 12. GLAWS Digital Author and Self-Publishing Conference – October 12-13. Conejo Adult School – 2 classes over 2 Saturdays, October 19 & 26, “The Writer’s Compass” 9:30 am to 12:30 pm,  and “Seven Stages of Revision” 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Writers of Kern, Bakersfield – Workshop … Read entire article »

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Can You Really Become a Writer?

Read my blog posted on the Writer’s Digest website and find how you can go from a wannabe to a writer. … Read entire article »

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Be the Antagonist – Creative Writing Exercise

View yourself as the antagonist to the hero in your story.   •What do you think your hero wants?   •Why do you want to stop the hero from succeeding?   •What are three things you will do to stop the hero from getting what he or she wants?   •What do you, the antagonist, want?   •How far will you go to stop the hero and get what you want?   Write three paragraphs describing: 1. Who you are? 2. What the story is about? 3. Why you have to win? 4. Whether you succeed.   If you would like to share, please post in the comment section below and email me at nancy *at* nancyellendodd *dot* com so I make sure that your comment does NOT go into the spam trap. … Read entire article »

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