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Master’s Workshop: “5 Keys for Fixing Your Story”

September 27, 2014 WC2 Masters Workshops – 3 One-Day Masters Workshops with Art Holcomb, Ace Antonio Hall, or Nancy Ellen Dodd, Los Angeles Valley College, CA Nancy’s Workshop: “5 Keys for Fixing Your Story” Frustrated by your progress? Wondering if you’ll ever be able to figure out the problems so you can get your story published or produced? The goal of this class is to teach you 5 Keys that will help you figure out what you are trying to write about and how to write it in the best way you can. The 5 Keys covered are: Where are you in story development? Which voice should you use? How do you punch up the characters? How do you figure out where to begin the story? How do you incorporate details, background, and flashbacks? Author, teacher, and writer Nancy Ellen … Read entire article »

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