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Put the Reader into the Character’s World

Writing Exercise By showing your readers what the world around your characters look like you accomplish at least two things: You help the reader feel they are part of that world, watching up close and personal. You show the reader who the character is by the details they notice and therefore what is important in that world to the character.   How do you know which details to show? In part the genre you are writing in will help you to decide which details to use. In a mystery you will show things that are clues or red herrings to lead away from the clues. In a horror story you might show gruesome details. In a romance, the details will tend to have a rosy glow or have a dichotomy. An example would be: Ida stood on the … Read entire article »

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Creative Writing 101

My Writers Digest University class starts a new 12-week course on Thursday, October 23. If you’d like more information, or to register for the class, go to I hope to read you there! … Read entire article »

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