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Screenwriting 101

Maybe even tougher than selling poetry is selling a screenplay. While there is nonstop television programming and movies available, how many of those are reruns? The cost of creating a movie or a new television show is high and only limited financing is available. Getting distribution can be as daunting as getting financing. But, wait! That being said, with today’s technology and new media, it is easier than ever to create your own video and get it seen by an audience on the internet. This is what I tell my screenwriting students, “Get together with your friends and do it yourself.” However, you’ll want to start with a good screenplay. This was an article written as a guest blog for Morgen Bailey and the rest of the article is posted at   … Read entire article »

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The Short Story Ending

The Short Story Ending

Writing short stories poses unique challenges. How do you tell a story that is engaging, in fewer words, with less room for character development? One of the key elements to writing a great short story is ending the story with an impact, a punch, something that brings it home as to what the story is all about. In other words, a moral to the story, an answer to a dramatic question, or a dramatic question that … Read entire article »

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Amazon Reviews

If you want to know what others think about The Writer’s Compass, there have been a couple of great reviews posted on at … Read entire article »

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Dialogue, Pacing, and Tension

Dialogue, Pacing, and Tension

How much dialogue should be used compared to how much narrative or exposition? In stories, the more dialogue and the less narrative or exposition, the faster the pacing. This is one of the reasons that action shots in a screenplay should be shorter and in a play there should be very little to nothing between lines of dialogue, in these forms the story should be a fast read with just enough imagery for the reader to visualize … Read entire article »

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The Bus Boy

The Bus Boy

If you were an aging alcoholic who spent most of the last years of your life homeless…and finally landed a job as a bus boy…what would your last dream be?   “The Bus Boy” by Nancy Ellen Dodd is a short story used as an example in The Writer’s Compass: From Story Map to Finished Draft in 7 Stages. For free access to read “The Bus Boy” go to The story is in text and illustrated formats. I especially want to thank all of … Read entire article »

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